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Tamatebako / 100$ Japan

Japan the best seller confectionary box

Japan the best seller confectionary box

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Price : 100 dollar (including all required cost = shipment fee, tax, other all handling fee.)

About 20 items assortment of the most popular packaged confectionary in Japanese market.
cookies, snacks, clackers, chocolates, candies, gummy candies, and so on.


Marketing Background:
Outstanding feature of Japanese life is advanced consumption society style derived from dense and wealth.
Very many confectionary companies release new products without break every month every year.
So Japanese convenience stores and supermarkets are Shangri-La of unique and high quality package products.

Also world famous historical gastronomic culture of Japan tribute for their satisfactory and impressive taste.

Why not try the most sophisticated flavor in Today's world.

Important points:
1.We will allow you to return this box, but the first order time only.
2.Some items will be replaced for same rank other items without advanced information.
3."Best before date" will announce at delivery base. Minimum expiration date item is usually 3months above from delivery date.
4.All items will be covered with Furoshiki (Japanese traditional covering textile), bubble wrap, and very outside with a corrugated carton.
5.Basically we can't afford any price down negotiation, but volume discount will be available on inquiry base.
6.The box will be deliver from our Tokyo warehouse by air directly, It will take 7 days usually .
7.Price (100 dollars) include all required cost = shipment fee, tax, other all handling fee.

1.Ebi Mangetsu - Shrimp fried snack. Light salt flavor. Pretty circle shape and white color with red shrimp red accent recall Japanese flag "Hinomaru".
Mild salt and shrimp crispy flavor will be please everybody.

2.All Raisin - Soft cookie with dried raisin. Very rich aroma from baked cookie and raisin. We recommend marriage with authentic red wine.

3.Pocky - Chocolate coated pencil shape cookie. Truly golden ratio of material and shape. Because of its stylish shape and authentic taste, oftentimes Pocky is served
with whisky tumbler at cocktail party.

4.Cheese almond - Japanese traditional rice clacker with Cheese and almond. Fantastical combination of Japanese and Western food materials.
You can find unique smack.

5.Kappa Ebisen - Deep fried shrimp snack. One of the most popular snack food in Japan. Aroma of roasted shrimp is its highlight.
its famous tagline "Yamerarenai Tomaranai" means "Can't stop picking and eating "You must verify true meaning.

6. Ume no Kamaki - A key feature of this product is Nori(seaweed laver).Nori is often served with Sushi, and given noble characteristic flavor.
Japanese historical rice clacker with Shoyu and nori, what is more Ume(Japanese pickled dried plum) are quite all star lineup of Japanese food culture.

7.CuCU - Coffee and milk combination candy. If you put it in your mouth, you can enjoy quite same refreshment as coffee break.

8.Babystar Ramen - The most standard ramen snack in Japan is always to applicate from baby to adult. Now worldwide spread Ramen culture
was born in Japan. This snack is almost Ramen itself. You can enjoy ramen feeling very easy.

9.Pretz - Full-blown roasted pretzel is simple but actual. Its crispy touch is lovely point.

10.Pote Long - It is made from potato, but very different from potato chips. There's no resemblance as very airy touch fried potato.

11.Milky - Dreamy milky taste is ultimate expression of mildness. “Pekochan” face on package is very famous character in Japan.

12.Takenokonosato - Its name means the birth place of bamboo shoots. Bamboo shape cookie with chocolate coating style is very fancy
but its taste is authentic.

13.Pure - One of the most popular gummy candy in Japan. Pleasurable mouth feel and cool flavor give us genuine refreshment.

14.Bisco - One of the longest seller packaged confectionary in Japan. lactic acid bacterium cream is sanded with biscuits.
Good evaluation for microbiome and small portion is welcomed by mother with small child.

15.Jyagariko - Stick type fried potato. Light feeling mouth touch has many hot fans. "Jagga" means potato in Japanese.

16.Pucca - Chocolate in hard type pretzel shell. You can get inspiration from every crunch. Also alien style shape lovely.

17.Otokoume - "Otoko" means "Men", "Ume" means "Plum", so "Men's plum" is the source of its name. Hardcore firmness and strong sour flavor
give us strong impression.

18. Bontaname - Very traditional style candy. Bontan is kind of late-ripening citrus. Its taste is very natural and soft, smooth.
Japanese people always recall with nostalgia from this soft candy.

19.High-Chwe - Soft candy with sweet flavor core has characteristic mouth touch. And its genuine nice tasting has a lot of enthusiastic lovers.

20.Ramune - Hard tablet ripe candy with famous lemonade beverage bottle shape. This pretty sweet is often served for children's break time.

21.Miyako Konbu - Dried seaweed with original seasoning. You must be surprised with overdrive concept from confectionary.
Actually, it is loved by many people for long time at tea time with Japanese green tea.

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