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Tamatebako / 100$ Japan

Nutrition Bar Mania

Nutrition Bar Mania

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Price : 100 dollar (including all required cost = shipment fee, tax, other all handling fee.)

About 25 items assortment of the most popular nutrition bar in Japanese market.
Each of them is significantly useful and taste good.

We highly recomend for you to try these powerful Japanese nutriton bars.


Marketing Background:
Outstanding feature of Japanese life is advanced consumption society style derived from dense and wealth.
Very many confectionary companies release new products without break every month every year.
So Japanese convenience stores and supermarkets are Shangri-La of unique and high quality package products.

Also world famous historical gastronomic culture of Japan tribute for their satisfactory and impressive taste.

Why not try the most sophisticated flavor in Today's world.

Important points:
1.We will allow you to return this box, but the first order time only.
2.Some items will be replaced for same rank other items without advanced information.
3."Best before date" will announce at delivery base. Minimum expiration date item is usually 3months above from delivery date.
4.All items will be covered with Furoshiki (Japanese traditional covering textile), bubble wrap, and very outside with a corrugated carton.
5.Basically we can't afford any price down negotiation, but volume discount will be available on inquiry base.
6.The box will be deliver from our Tokyo warehouse by air directly, It will take 7-10days usually .
7.Price (100 dollars) include all required cost = shipment fee, tax, other all handling fee.

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